Why bond with your market before you launch

Time and time again, tech founders and innovators launch products that are hard to describe and understand by their target market. You are a world-class expert in your product. Which is exactly why it's hard to describe to someone else who hears about it for the first time. This is called the curse of knowledge.

In fact, the most common reason for new product failure is not matching a product with a hungry market. And they can't be or get hungry, if they don't understand what your offering is.



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The curse of knowledge

Are you addressing a need which already has your market's attention?

Pinpoint a pre-existing need by checking if they pay attention

  • Your prospects don't want to understand how it works.
  • They don't really care about your expertise or your company resources.
  • By the time the reach you, they already have many needs and preconceptions.

They just want to know what your product or service does for them. And why it is relevant for them-right now. It's best to focus on what lies in your control: what you say. What you say needs to overlap with what they know and understand, so that it connects with their needs.

Prove they're curious before the big launch 

Road test your ideas in the hardest market for attention on the planet: online advertising. If they don't click, they definitely won't engage when you do launch. A good message will work in any channel, so stack the odds in your favor while you're still new to the market.

A clear and effective online message and positioning translates to other mediums

Attention Insurance is a new service that guarantees your message won't be boring, or you get 100% of your money back

You implicitly make a promise on that first click. Make it the right promise. Be sure that you're saying something your audience will pay attention to, even if you haven't launched yet..

Here's how it works:

  1. You provide insight into a target persona and ideas you'd like to test.
  2. Launch Tomorrow helps identify high probabily marketing channels
  3. Launch Tomorrow creates a series of ads or other paid marketing tests on the agreed channels.
  4. You get back a market intelligence report that clearly identifies the most enticing messaging or packaging of the options provided.

When you're done, you have an optimized message that you can confidently use to stand out in your market segment.

What Attention Insurance includes:

Selecting an initial entry strategy and acquisition channel

Analytics setup and/or audit of existing setup

Ad copy and creative from multiple angles at the same time

Actionable report which will show which of the angles/leads were most effective 

Traffic targeted to a URL, site, or landing page of your choice 

When starting, we will agree a timeline that works for you. Some availability of subject matter experts on your side is required when kicking off the service. Depending on resource availability on both sides the overall service is delivered over 1-8 weeks.

Note: landing page creation is not included as part of this service.

In practice, here's what Attention Insurance means for you

Launch with an eye-catching offer or deal

Attractive relative to alternatives

Stay relevant to your audience 

Less expensive for you to scale and market with better clickthrough rates

Market > one person

If scratching your own itch, you must know if others have that itch too.

Increased empathy

Get directly to underlying concerns rather than leave people confused

Clear value proposition

Addresses a clear pain point the customer provably has

Decide with data

Find 10-100x differences in messge effectiveness before you hit full throttle

Who you'll work with

Work with Luke Szyrmer and his team, an experienced innovation, product and marketing expert.Using unrefined techniques similar to those applied in Attention Insurance, Luke ensured that his book Launch Tomorrow was a bestselling success, despite being relatively unknown at the time:

Since then, Luke has built a practice working with founders and established businesses to match early stage products and ideas to market quickly, and to position them for high growth and scale.  

Since then, we've helped innovators in the following industries

The approach broadly applies across most industries, because it's based on interacting with audiences. The principles are largely independent of technology. 

Banking and Finance
Software, Saas, and Internet
Environmental Engineering
Medical devices
Edutech and Training

Buy Attention Insurance Now 

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$1499 + VAT 

Paid advertising/acquisition costs are not included. Launch Tomorrow will advise on options to keep the overall cost of testing as low as possible. As paid advertising is for a 3rd party, it is not included in the solid money back guarantee. 

Make a provably better first impression, or your money back.

With Attention Insurance, we're primarily focussed on optimizing your click through rate for ads. While not a perfect measure, they provide numeric input to help you prioritize messaging and build the rest of your business around it.

If you provide: 

  • a detailed target user and market persona description as well product and value proposition description
  • access to subject matter expertise when needed, i.e. within a day unless agreed otherwise
  • advertiser access to any paid marketing platforms that have been agreed

and don't see at least a 100% spread between the best and the worst ideas we test together during the project, then let us know. We'll refund your fee promptly.

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